Ashtanga yoga Immersion Week

Take your practice to the next level !

Dive deeper into the method of Ashtanga Yoga in this 5 day inspirational & transformational Summer School.

Ashtanga Yoga Immersion Week

Zoals onze Summer School, maar dan in hartje herfst !

Wil jij je practice verdiepen ? 

Heb je de Summer School meegedaan en wil je verder werken ?

Explore the core pillars of Ashtanga Yoga: Breath, Bandhas and Drishti.

Learn more about the background and history of Ashtanga Yoga.

Experienced teacher and practitioner Vanessa will teach the postures in great details, so you can establish a firm, safe and balanced approach to the Primary Series of the Ashtanga Yoga.

In offering this Ashtanga Immersion,  we also hope to provide the space for a coming together as a community of friends old and new, sharing in that which joins us – the space of yoga both physical and philosophical.

Daily Practice will be the central core in this 5 day intensive.

Do you want to deepen your practice and become more fit or flexible? This course gives you stronger roots and wider wings in this life changing yoga practice.

You will:·

  • Learn by heart the sequence so you can do it anytime and anywhere
  • Experience the essence of Mysore style, “practicing alone & with others” that Ashtanga is so famous for.
  • Explore in detail, more ways of opening up and experiencing your breathing and apply it to practice
  • Explore core work, stability and internal alignment which is the essence of bandhas, discover what this really means practically
  • Technique Classes will give you a better understanding of proper and safe alllignment of the poses
  • Learn how to create focus and a meditative mind with a deeper understanding of what we call Drishti – where you place your attention
  • Discover the tri-power of moving with all three pillars in your practice: Breath, Bandhas & Drishti
  • Learn the Opening and Closing Mantra of Ashtanga Yoga
  • Learn the Sanskrit words of the postures
  • Gentle exploring of the Ashtanga Philosophy and some Yoga Sutras

The Ashtanga Immersion Week is limited to 8 persons to be able to give you all the full guidance you deserve and of course, for our own safety regarding to the Corona virus.

Dates & Time

Monday Novembre 23 – Friday Novembre 27

Monday : 11u – 16u

Wednesday – Friday : 9u – 16u

Tuesday – Thursday : 9u – 13u




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Ashtanga Immersion Week

Dive deeper into the method of Ashtanga Yoga in this inspirational 5 day Immersion Week.

295.00 tax incl.

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